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Hebei Welkin Pipe Fitting Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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About Us
Welkin Pipeline is a dynamic company which was established over a decade ago to cater to growing demands of Flanges Fittings in all materials like Carbon Steel Stainess Steel High Nickel Alloys We are ISO 9001 2008 Certified Company our all products meet with national and international quality standards Welkin Pipeline supply high quality testified material products to our customers at competitive rates We can arrange for chemical physical mechanical ultrasonic micro IGC and any other related test from govt approved Laboratories We are even ready for any third party inspection of our material product Our product range includes Flanges elbows tees cross reducers caps stub ends couplings...

Categories and Products

JIS Flange

DIN Flange

ANSI Flange

EN1092-1 Flange

GOST Flange

Pipe Fitting

Products Keywords
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TeesButt Welding ReducersEN1092 PN10 WN FLANGEEN1092 PN16 BL FLANGEEN1092 WN PN25 FLANGEEN1092 TYPE 13 FLANGERussian Standard TeesEN1092 PN16 WN FLANGEANSI Lap Joint FlangeEN1092 PN40 WN FLANGEEN1092 TYPE05 FLANGESEN1092 PN63 WN FLANGESeamless Pipe FittingButt Weld Tee FittingButt Weld Ecc ReducerButt Weld Reducer TeesTYPE13 THREADED FLANGE600LBS THREADED FLANGEStainless Steel FlangeEN1092 THREADED FLANGEWeld Neck Pipe Flanges300LBS THREADED FLANGE400LBS THREADED FLANGEANSI 150LBS SW FLANGESEN1092 PN63 BL FLANGESCARBON STEEL EQUAL TEEANSI 400LBS SW FLANGES150Lbs Threaded FlangeDIN2573 SLIP ON FLANGEGOST PN25 FORGED FLANGEEn1092-1 Type 13 Flange600LBS LAP JOINT FLANGEANSI Class400 Wn Flangebutt weld pipe fittingsTYPE05 PN6 BLIND FLANGEGOST PN16 FORGED FLANGE900LBS LAP JOINT FLANGEEn1092-1 Type 11 FlangeClass400 Slip On Flange400LBS LAP JOINT FLANGEDin Welding Neck Flange150LBS THREADED FLANGESStainless Steel FlangesANSI Socket Weld FlangeStainless Pipe FittingsEN1092 TYPE05 PN6 BLIND300LBS LAP JOINT FLANGEGOST Seamless Equal TeeGOST17376 Seamless TeesEN1092 THREADED FLANGESBw Stainless Steel TeesEN1092 PN40 LOOSE FLANGEEN1092 PN10 LOOSE FLANGEANSI Welding Neck FlangeEN1092 TYPE05 PN6 FLANGEEN1092 PN25 LOOSE FLANGESocket Weld Pipe FlangesEN1092 PN10 PLATE FLANGEEN1092 TYPE01 PN6 FLANGEEN1092 PN25 PLATE FLANGECarbon Steel Reducer TeeCarbon Steel Ecc ReducerEN1092 PN40 PLATE FLANGECLASS300 THREADED FLANGECarbon Steel Con ReducerGOST Stainless Steel TeeEN1092 PN16 PLATE FLANGECLASS600 THREADED FLANGECLASS400 THREADED FLANGECLASS150 THREADED FLANGEEN1092 PN63 PLATE FLANGE1500LBS LAP JOINT FLANGEANSI 300LBS BLIND FLANGEGOST WELDING NECK FLANGE2500LBS LAP JOINT FLANGEPN40 WELDING NECK FLANGEPN63 WELDING NECK FLANGEPN25 WELDING NECK FLANGEPN16 WELDING NECK FLANGECarbon Steel Pipe FittingEN1092 PN16 LOOSE FLANGESEN1092 PN63 LOOSE FLANGESCarbon Steel Seamless CapGOST Steainless Steel TeeJis 10K Slip Plate Flangeflanges and pipe fittingsCARBON STEEL ECC REDUCERSseamless carbon steel teeEN1092 TYPE01 PN6 FLANGES2500LBS SOCKET WELD FLANGEGOST PN40 FORGED SO FLANGE1500LBS SOCKET WELD FLANGEANSI CLASS300 BLIND FLANGEGOST Seamless Reducing Tee600LBS WELDING NECK FLANGECLASS900 SOCKET WELD FLANGEEN1092 TYPE01 PN6 PL FLANGEANSI CLASS400 BLIIND FLANGETYPE13 PN16 THREADED FLANGEEN1092 PN16 THREADED FLANGEEN1092 PN10 THREADED FLANGEStainless Butt Welding CapsDIN PN10 WELDING NECK FLANGEANSI CLASS400 SLIP ON FLANGERussian Stainless Steel TeesEN1092 TYPE11 PN10 WN FLANGEConcentric Reducer Butt WeldCLASS400 WELDING NECK FLANGEEN1092 TYPE11 PN16 WN FLANGEstainless steel seamless teesANSI CLASS400 THREADED FLANGEGOST PN40 WELDING NECK FLANGEseamless stainless steel teesForged Stainless Steel FlangesEN1092 PL CARBON STEEL FLANGESRussian Standard Seamless TeesEN1092 PN40 WELDING NECK FLANGEEN1092 PN63 WELDING NECK FLANGEEN1092 PN25 WELDING NECK FLANGEGOST Steainless Steel Equal TeesStainless Steel Weld Neck FlangeGOST Stainless Steel Seamless TeeSeamless Carbon Steel Reducer TeeGOST Stainless Steel Seamless Tees



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